About the Programme

Over the past 20 years, more than 800 students have benefited from the HKSYU Mentorship Programme. Student participants can gain insights and social networks from mentors who have extensive industry knowledge.

Mentorship Programme 2023-24

Under the Mentorship Programme, mentees will participate in a range of activities organized by the OSA to build up a strong mentor-mentee relationship. Mentors and mentees can decide upon their meeting schedule.

Programme Period
November 2023 – November 2024 

Interview Dates
     26-28 September 2023 (Tue-Thurs)

Event 1: Career Planning Workshop & Briefing Session
     3 November 2023 (Fri)

Event 2: Opening Ceremony & Workshop
     18 November 2023 (Sat)

Event 3: Hiking

     6 January 2024 (Sat)

Event 4: Poon Choi @ Campus

     24 February 2024 (Sat)

Event 5: Alumni Sharing Session(s)

     To be confirmed

Submission of Feedback Form

     31 Jul 2024

Mentees should attend ALL of the above activities. Please reserve the dates before applying for the Mentorship Programme 2023/24. The above event and date may be subject to change.

Free of charge for the Programme. 

*Charge will be incurred in some of the events.

21 Sept 2023 (Thurs)

Past Events



陳家豪先生 (Emil)

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鄧耀龍校友 (Chris)

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馮漢基校友 (Keith)
魏兆康校友 (Desmond)

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鍾少權博士 (Derek)
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數碼新常態 職場大執位?
何偉雄校友 (Johnny)
林偉豪校友 (Calvin)

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盤占文校友 (Peter)
蔡鍵儀校友 (Kiny)
談安兆校友 (Travis)

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Frequently Asked Questions (for Students)

Mentorship Programme is a one-year programme commencing every November, and it is structured as a one-to-one/ one-to-two partnership between the mentor (alumni of HKSYU) and the mentee (current undergraduate student of HKSYU).

It facilitates mentees’ educational, social and personal growth through Mentorship Programme. Also, it gives a chance for students to broaden their horizons like interaction with experienced professionals and senior executives and develop stronger interpersonal communications.

Under the Mentorship Programme, mentee will participate in a range of activities, meetings with the mentor individually and alumni sharing sessions. Besides, OSA will organize some extra activities for the students to build up a strong mentor-mentee relationship.

Undergraduate students from Year 1 to 4 and in any disciplines are welcome to join the Programme.

There are certain duties and responsibilities accompanying the privilege of being a mentee. For instances, mentees are expected to attend the opening ceremony, different activities (like career workshops and sharing sessions organized by the OSA or arranged by the mentors) and submit programme survey at the end of the programme.

Mentorship Programme does not offer placement services. With Mentorship Programme, you can learn from mentors’ fruitful experience, identify career interests and goals and build social networks for future development.

All mentors are alumni of HKSYU. They are senior executives/managers with at least 5 years of work experience from various business or industries. They have extensive social and professional network and are most willing to help and devote time and effort to nurture the young generation. We will assign ONE mentor to you with respect to your interested field. Meanwhile, you can maintain network with other mentors through different gatherings or activities.

You are most welcomed to develop a long-term relationship between mentors and mentees. In our experience, some mentors and mentees are still in touch with each other for many years and the mentors would continue to arrange gatherings with the mentees of different years. The mentees also continue to meet with their mentors after completion of the Programme.

Yes, all students are most welcomed to join us again. However, priority will be given to those who join the Programme for the first time.

The participation record of Mentorship Programme will be included in the Awards and Co-curricular Achievement Transcript (ACAT) if mentees fully participated in the programme activities organized by the OSA.

Interested to become a mentor?

  • Hong Kong-based senior executive / manager with at least 5 years of work experience from various business or industries (e.g. commerce, civil services, NGOs, legal, education, journalism, etc.);
  • has extensive social and professional network;
  • passionate to help and willing to devote time and effort in nurturing the younger generation.

More Details

  • To guide students on their career development
  • To connect mentees with useful networks for future development
  • To assist students in identifying their career orientation and goals

We accept applications around the year. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted via email.